Genome Editing for a Better Life

EdiGene Platforms


Based on proprietary intellectual property rights.With high efficiency and precision

T cell modification

Genome Editing Efficiency:World leading efficiency in single and multiple gene editing

Cell Culturing:Serum-free in the whole process

Cell Functions:Proliferation,immune killing & immunoregulatory activity unharmed after editing

Purity:Cell isolation with world leading productivity and 99% purity leading to greater safety.

Regulatory:Compliance to the regulation.

HSC modification

Genome Editing Efficiency:The world leading, fast implementation of accurate knockouts and points.

Cell Culturing:It has patents related to serum-free cell culture in the whole process of hematopoietic stem cells.

Cell Functions:Cell differentiation and colonization ability that is indistinguishable from unedited cells.

Purity:Accurately correct the patient cellular genetic defects, significantly improve the patient cellular function.

Regulatory:Compliance to the regulation.

Delivery system

AAV:High packing titer10 13 vg/ml

LV:High packing titer10 9TU/ml

Electroporation:Cells amount enough for bone marrow transplantation


Off-target detection:Single cell whole genome sequencing

Data analysis:Proprietary intellectual property in bioinformatics enable dissection of functional big data in biological contexts

Tumor monitoring:More than half a year of monitoring for tumor.

Function test:Exhaustive in vitro and in vivo test.

HTS Platforms

Technology:Coding gene screening,CRISTMAS™ system,Double gRNA LncRNA screening,Single sgRNA LncRNA screening , EdiGo Bioinformatics™ , iBAR™ , LEAPER™

Application:Drug target screening, synthetic lethal screening, drug resistance gene screening, drug sensitive gene screening, gene function analysis

Underlying Genome Editing Technology

Underlying Genome Editing Technology


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