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Riguo FangPh.D.

R&D Vice President, Stem Cell Platform

Dr. Riguo Fang is currently the R&D Vice President at EdiGene. He is the leader of EdiGene’s stem cell platform.

Dr. Fang holds a doctorate degree from Peking University and a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiao Tong University; During his Ph.D. and post-doctoral studies, he studied under Professor Hongkui Deng, an internationally renowned stem cell expert. Dr. Fang is also a leading talent in Guangzhou Nansha and an Associate Researcher in the Beijing Municipal Nature Science Research Series. His research interests are in stem cell and regenerative medicine. Dr. Fang has nearly 15 years of experience in stem cell research and technology translation, with a cumulative publication impact factor of over 76 and more than 15 patent applications. His main focus is on stem cell and genetically-modified stem cell therapeutics development, stem cell biology study, iPSC generation and downstream differentiation.

As project leader of the company’s leading investigational therapy ET-01, Dr. Fang led the team to complete early-stage scientific research, process development and manufacturing as well as non-clinical safety and efficacy evaluation of ET-01, and successfully advanced the product into clinical stage. He is currently responsible for the strategy development, team management and project advancement of ET-01, including Research, CMC, regulatory affairs and clinical development.