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Company Overview

EdiGene Inc. is a clinical-stage company focusing on translating gene-editing technologies into transformative genetic medicines for patients with significant unmet medical needs.

Our History


Expansion and Rapid Growth


Translation and Development


Concept and Research

January: Entered into strategic R&D collaboration with Haihe Laboratory of Cell Ecosystem

February: LEAPER™ 2.0, an updated version of the RNA base editing technology published on Nature Biotechnology by Scientific Founder Wensheng Wei’s lab at Peking University

February: Worldwide non-exclusive license agreement with Arbor Biotechnologies

March: Worldwide license agreement with Boston Children's Hospital

April: Entered a research collaboration with Peking University Cancer Hospital 


January: IND application approved by China NMPA

September: First patient enrolled in the Phase I multi-center clinical trial of ET-01

November:Entered research collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Peking Union Medical College Hospital respectively

December: Poster presentation of latest research on hematopoietic stem cell at ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition

May: Oral presentation of RNA base editing program data at ASGCT Annual Meeting

May: Collaboration with Immunochina to jointly develop allogeneic CAR-T Therapy for Cancer

October: IND application for its CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing hematopoietic stem cell therapy ET-01 in β-thalassemia accepted for review by China NMPA


January: Clinical-scale manufacturing capability established

July: RNA base editing technology LEAPER™ first published on Nature Biotechnology by Scientific Founder Wensheng Wei’s lab at Peking University

December: Poster presentation of ET-01 data at ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition

November: Established GMP-level gene-editing application center 


April: First gene-editing therapy platform established

November: First collaboration with clinician

May: Company founded