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Company Overview


EdiGene is a biotechnology company focused on leveraging the cutting-edge genome editing technologies to accelerate drug discovery and develop novel therapeutics for a broad range of genetic diseases and cancer.

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Our History

May 2015

Company founded

June 2016

First gene editing cell lines developed

April 2017

First platform for gene editing therapy established

November 2017

First collaboration with clinicians

May 2018

First collaboration with MNC pharmaceutical company

November 2018

Gene editing clinical application base compatible with GMP established

January 2019

Clinical-scale manufacturing capability built-up

February 2019

Clinical department established

July 2019

KO cell lines acquired by Abcam

December 2019

Poster presentation of ET-01 data at ASH

May 2020

Oral presentation of RNA base editing program data at ASGCT annual meeting

May 2020

Collaboration with Immunochina to jointly develop allogeneic CAR-T Therapy for Cancer

October 2020

EdiGene Announces IND Application for its CRISPR/Cas 9 Gene-editing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy ET-01 in β-thalassemia Accepted for Review by China National Medical Products Administration