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EdiGene Secures New Lab and Office Space for Its Growing U.S. R&D Center to Advance Gene-editing Based Therapies

Time:21-11-02 21:00 Form: EdiGene Views:188

BEIJING and CAMBRIDGE, MASS– (November 2, 2021) – EdiGene, Inc., a global biotechnology company focused on translating gene-editing technologies into transformative therapies for patients with serious genetic diseases and cancer, has signed a lease for 14,000 square feet of lab and office space in the Greater Boston area to house the company’s growing U.S. R&D Center.

 “The leasing of the new space expands and strengthens EdiGene’s U.S. R&D Center,” said Bo Zhang, Ph.D., Head of EdiGene’s U.S. subsidiary. “Driven by the vision of translating cutting-edge gene-editing technologies into innovative therapies, our Center has assembled a talented and interdisciplinary team with the expertise to propel the Center into a world-class platform for translating our technology into new therapies.”

 “The U.S. R&D Center is an important pillar of our translational expertise,” said Dong Wei, Ph.D., CEO of EdiGene. “Together with our R&D Center in China and with our partners, our growing technological and translational capabilities will enable us to develop transformative therapeutic solutions from gene-editing technologies, fulfilling our mission to bring new hope and new options to patients in China and around the world.”

Prof. Wensheng Wei of Peking University founded EdiGene in 2015 to translate work from his lab to develop gene editing tools and high-throughput genomics into transformative therapies that could benefit patients with genetic diseases and cancer. Today, EdiGene is a clinical-stage biotechnology company with integrated capabilities and boosts a growing pipeline that extends across four gene editing platforms.

On top of its R&D progress, EdiGene closed a total of approximately $129 million (in RMB 850 million) in its Series B and Series B+ financing from top-tier venture capital companies in the past 12 months.

About EdiGene, Inc
EdiGene is a global, clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on translating gene editing technologies into transformative therapies for patients with serious genetic diseases and cancer. The company has established its proprietary ex vivo genome-editing platforms for hematopoietic stem cells and T cells, in vivo therapeutic platform based on RNA base editing, and high-throughput genome-editing screening to discover novel targeted therapies. Founded in 2015, EdiGene is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai, China and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. More information can be found at www.EdiGene.com.