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Ex Vivo Gene-editing Platforms for T Cells

The U CAR-T platform aims to develop innovative therapies for cancer patients.

It aims to remove the immunological rejection molecules on the T cells of a healthy donor through gene editing, and transform such molecules via CAR to prepare off-the-shelf allogeneic CAR-T to treat patients.

Advantages of the Platform

- Off the shelf

- Better quality product from a healthy donor

- More effective quality control

- Uniformity of products

- Flexible clinical application

- Low costs

In May, 2020, EdiGene and Immunochina formed a research and development collaboration to develop allogeneic CAR-T therapy for cancer. Under this partnership, both companies will combine EdiGene’s expertise in genome editing and allogeneic T-cell process with Immunochina’s expertise in innovative CAR-T technology to develop potentially best-in-class allogeneic CAR-T therapeutics.