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High-throughput Genome-editing Screening to Discover Novel Targeted Therapies

Based on high-throughput gene editing technology, we identify the novel functional biomarkers or novel combination of targeted therapy via synthetic lethal screen and develop the innovative targeted therapies for solid tumor.

High-throughput Genome Editing Screening Technology

Our Research:Genome Editing

Introduction of High-throughput Genome Editing Screening Platform

R&D of Effective Drugs


The identification of drug targets plays important roles in the success of mechanism-based drug discovery and is crucial to link drug response to genetic variation. Based on gene editing approach, the iBAR technology allows us to conduct the high-throughput loss-of-function screens at high MOI with lower false discovery rates and higher signal-to-noise ratios. These improvements make the iBAR technology as a powerful tool in genetic research for drug targets discovery and come up with better clinical gene therapy.


Precise identification of functional elements for a potential lead compound/drug target is pretty important for achieving a lead compound/drug mechanistic understanding and the personalized precision medicine. CRISPR-empowered Tiling Mutagenesis combined with Assorted-DNA-fragment Sequencing provides a streamlined workflow and bioinformatics analytics for identifying critical elements of proteins in their native biological contexts at the single amino acid level.

The technology can help to:

-          Research and explore the truly functional amino acids for a potential lead compound/drug target

-          Research and explore the specifically functional region for a potential lead compound/drug target

We Develop Innovative Targeted Therapies for Solid Tumor